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What started as a  Women’s Circle in 2021 now expanded to beautiful, safe space for all genders. 


It is a space with powerful & unique energy of the collective, where I connect with other facilitators to host personal development workshops such as Women's Circle, Cacao Ceremonies, Yoga, Moon rituals, Medicine music, connection with Mother Earth, Rites of passage and others.

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I am honoured to be able to hold this space and grateful to collaborate with such amazing people, people who have the same purpose as me: create magical and unforgettable moments in life while learning and growing.


Welcome Home

This space is open for everyone who feels the call.


I look forward to sharing these experiences and energy with you all.

Love & Light 🙏


Cacao, Full Moon & Voice Activation

I am so grateful for this workshop! Such a beautiful gathering and brilliant organization! Everything was just perfect, from the atmosphere, décor, content of the workshop to an amazing bonfire on the beach afterwards... Pure magic of connection!!! A very special event that will stay in my memory for long... thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥


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